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Bred for adventure and built for those who yearn to escape the beaten path. The Topo Series teardrop trailer comes ready to roll with upgraded suspension for the earth’s most technical terrain.

The TOPO Series body is 5' x 8', built on a hand-welded 2" x 2" frame of powder-coated USA steel for full protection from the elements. Of course, all Escapod exterior walls and roof are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum.


Escapod was born out of necessity. A need to escape the daily grind at a moment’s notice, to be unbounded by terrain, free to roam. We needed a ready-to-go teardrop trailer to serve as our base camp on the road. Instead of spending hours tracking down and packing all of our camping gear, we needed a house on wheels, always ready to go. The teardrop trailer seemed like the right solution, but nothing on the market fully spoke to our needs. Any teardrop that we looked into was either over-priced or under-built. So, we designed and built our own. Our mission was simple: create a teardrop trailer that is gentle on the eyes, rugged enough for our craziest ideas, and suitable for year-round adventure. In 2015, our vision was born in our one-car garage. Today, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time vagabond, there is an Escapod for you. Our goal is to help our customers reconnect with the great outdoors and to set them up for the adventure of a lifetime by providing dependable, hand-built teardrop trailers.

Escape Pod TOPO Series

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