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With the all-new Traveler, you can go anywhere without sacrificing comfort or versatility. The Traveler has been optimized to provide you the flexibility you need to work, relax, and enjoy life on the road. With two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom & kitchenette, the traveler is unlike any other campers in its class.

Happier Camper envisioned the Traveler to have longevity, lightness, and versatility in one comfortable package.

Using our Adaptiv™ technology, you can customize and reconfigure the Traveler’s two living spaces into an office, dining area, sleeping quarters, or lounge space in minutes. The choice is yours. The honeycomb fiberglass floor is ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong, and moving modular Adaptiv™ components is a breeze.

Convert the Traveler’s living spaces using our unique floor grid and easy-to-move modular pieces. The pieces are built from durable, lightweight materials, double as storage, and can be stacked, leaned, or used as outdoor furniture.


• Lightweight (Under 2,500 lbs loaded)

• Towable by standard cars & SUVs

• Fully-equipped for cross country travel

• Full kitchenette & bathroom options

• High-quality fiberglass construction

• Semi-modular interior

• All-season insulation, hot water, and heater

• Robust power system, solar-ready

• Built to last & handcrafted

Want to take a video tour of a Traveler? Touch base with our sales team to learn more.


Happier Camper
Flexibility is at the heart of what we do. With that in mind we developed a unique system called Adaptiv™. When paired with our ultralight travel-trailers or your camper van, the configurations are near limitless. From camping to hauling, tailgating to tiny home living— explore your options with Happier Camper.

Happier Camper Traveler

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