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All good things are wild & free

We want to inspire people of all ages to travel, explore the outdoors and dwell in nature, all while staying safe and feeling comfortable. The second generation of the Mink Camper was launched in the spring of 2019, and from the beginning we have not strayed from our design philosophy of less is more.

The Mink 2.0 sports camper epitomizes minimalism, functionality, craftsmanship, quality manufacturing and robustness.

The Mink is small on the outside but spacious on the inside with a large panorama viewing roof and round windows on both sides. The queen size  (140×200 cm) Therapeutic Bodyprint mattress ensures a good nights sleep. Additionally, a bunk bed, which can double as extra storage space, spans the width of the camper (140×52 cm). If you want your camper to stay warm regardless of the outside temperature, you can purchase top-of-the-line oil- and solar powered Webasto heating system. LED lighting and the Bose sound system add to the cozy and comfortable feel of the Mink.

  • Queen size bed 140×200 cm
  • Therapeutic Bodyprint mattress 700 IQ Care
  • Canvas bunk bed 140×52 cm
  • Canvas blinds for side windows and sky roof
  • LED lighting
  • 2 x USB charging


Mink Campers is an innovative travel company established in Iceland in 2015. The company was founded around the idea of helping people easily connect with nature. We want to provide travelers a way to combine the intimacy of camping in nature with the world of luxury travel. At Mink of Iceland, we used our Nordic design heritage to create the Mink Sports Camper to enable even the most inexperienced individuals to stay in nature. The core of our design policy is intuitive functionality, sustainability, craftsmanship and durability. By always focusing on the essentials for outdoor living, we ensure that you can enjoy nature in a safe and fun way.

Mink 2.0 Sports Camper

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