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Smaller and more compact than our Classic teardrop model, the Pika is our second model to our lineup of trailers. Borrowing design details and inspiration from the Classic, the Pika offers all the comforts of Teardrop Camping in a lighter, more affordable package. These small camping trailers are built for rugged simplicity, the Pika may be just what your heart desires. Named after the American Pika, a small rabbit-like mammal that lives and thrives in the high-alpine terrain throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Pika is an adventurous miniature rabbit that has evolved to traverse the rough and rocky tundra. Our Pika Teardrop Trailer is thirty-six percent smaller than our Classic model, featuring a 54-inch by 96-inch frame, the Pika offers all of the quality craftsmanship Timberleaf Trailers has become known for, in a lighter and more nimble package.


What started as a conversation in 2015 between founder Kevin Molick and his wife, Paula, has since skyrocketed into one of the top names in the world of Teardrop Trailers. Kevin and Paula were discussing their desire to get back out to camping and traveling their back yard of Colorado and the neighboring states but wanted to get away from the cold and discomfort of tent camping. Large pull-behind RVs or motor-homes just weren’t their style and after some searching, Kevin discovered the teardrop trailer and was instantly intrigued.

Timberleaf Pika

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