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Named for Eli Wallach’s character in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” the Tuco teardrop trailer is compact, tough, and should never be underestimated on the trail. This model is our smallest Overlanding Trailer and is perfect for the adventurer looking to go to the backcountry on a 4x4 road.

Whether you need an ultra lightweight trailer for your small vehicle or are looking for a smaller travel trailer to go further and stay longer the Tuco Teardrop is perfect for your next road trip.

Add some additional racks and turn the Tuco trailer into a real gear-hauler inside and out. Utilitarian sensibility makes the Tuco Caravan a workhorse by day and a comfortable, quiet camping haven by night.

• Cabin 4’x8’ Full Length Including Tongue 12’ Total Height 6’
• Tuco Trailer Weight: 600lbs.


Vintage Overland
Vintage Overland was born of necessity, the need to grab that romance, passion, and sense of adventure and take it into the middle of nowhere. Britton, alongside his two brothers, Cody and Cullen spend day and night in the studio where they meticulously design, shape and assemble each custom caravan by hand. It is Vintage Overland’s desire to preserve and bring to you the quality and heritage of American craftsmanship.

Vintage Overland Tuco

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