15 Different Types of Campervans For Sale

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15 Different Types of Campervans For Sale

If you've always dreamed about living life on the open road, you too might find yourself browsing campervans for sale in your free time.

Life is a constant series of changes, where many people dream of a typical home that provides stability and security. But let's face it, maybe it's just a dream, or maybe it's what you truly desire. Either way traveling with a campervan can be a great alternative to the traditional route.

Picking and choosing your campervan can be difficult especially if you're new. There are countless google searches for campervans ranging from efficacy and price, to used versus brand-new to all the different models. You might feel lost in the all the information, and we don't blame you, it's a lot to sift through.

Just as picking your perfect dream house can be a challenge because of the variables, the same is true for picking your van.

Things to Consider When Buying a Van

Whether you are looking for a one-person van, or you have a significant other hitting the road with you, there are a variety of great options to choose from.

Just like picking a house, you need to make sure it all has the basic parts, every part of your van matters. While browsing campervans for sale, there are a few specific facets to consider.

Consider The Price

There are countless campervans for sale. Some come from companies that convert campervans, others from classified ads or Craigslist, and even others that are being showcased on social media.

When browsing campervans for sale, make sure it is from a legitimate source. As it becomes a more and more popular industry, there are bound to be fraudulent sales, so it's important to clarify this.

Setting a price before browsing campervans for sale can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will also help you know exactly what you are looking for, as opposed to being scattered.

Usually campervans online range from around 20,000 dollars up to 70,000 dollars depending on the brand. Try to pinpoint your personal range before you start your search.

Choose between 2wd Van or 4×4 campervan

If you don't know anything about vehicles at all you might consider or even wonder what 2wd van or a 4 by 4 campervan is and what’s the difference, for starters all cars and other types of vehicles existing have a 2-wheel drive system.

If you're going to pick between choosing which of those two consider the following — the amount of load your campervan will possibly carry and if the driver is experienced enough to drive.

4 ×' 4 campervans are ideal for off-road riding and low traction road conditions, 2wd is good too but not as efficient as 4 × 4 vehicles. Also, it is worth mentioning that 4 × 4 campervans are great at carrying heavy loads.

Now that we have mentioned the benefits of owning a 4 × 4, we should talk about the pros of having a 2wd van. In general 2wd vans are more common than 4 × 4 which means you have cheaper options on the market, aside from that 2wd are considered to be more fuel-efficient than those heavy 4 × 4 wheels.

Check the essentials

When buying check these following things below to make sure that the van you're buying is safe and engine efficient:

  • It's important to both check how the ignition works and feel the bonnet. If the bonnet is cold and it starts on the first run, it is a good sign that it is maintained and well-kept.
  • Check the seat belts for wear and tear, pull the seat belt a few times to see if the material is frayed.
  • Let the supervisor of the van asses you in checking the engine.
  • Make sure that there is no black smoke or fumes coming from the engine.

Based off of our extensive research, we compiled a list of campervans perfect to suit your van-life needs.

15 Campervans For Sale

Winnebago Revel 4×4 Camper Van

Do you dream of a modern-looking 4×4 camper van that comes with all the comforts of home? The Revel Van by Winnebago might be what you’re looking for.

Winnebago Revel is a great option for new van lifers. It includes a retractable wind sensor in case the winds get destructive, it is also great for long off-road trips.

The features of the campervan include a dinette next to a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, extra cabinet, solar panel, and running board.

VW Bus

The Volkswagen Bus Camper or VW Bus in short still remains one of the most memorable and classic campervans out there, if you have watched any films in the 70s or had the chance to live in the 70s you’ll probably see this campy and stylish VW Bus, a real nomad’s choice.

Many VW Buses are produced by small business car owners as they aren't produced by their original company anymore. Nevertheless, this is a great camper van where you can feel the peaceful vibes of the 70s.

Mercedes Sprinter

This camper van is a versatile and safe choice for many! Many conversion companies prefer the Mercedes Sprinter because of the engine’s efficiency and durability, the power of the engine prevails regardless of its size.

The company specializes in motor industries, so if you're in an unfamiliar place, you'll likely be close to a dealership. This way, if you experience any mishaps you can get it resolved.

4×4 Land Cruisers

If you're a fan of minimalism and off-road driving in high mountains and forests, then 4 × 4 Land Cruiser is the perfect van from you! It boasts its easy rooftop installation that can enable you to build your tent easily, and take off on the road immediately.

Knaus Boxdrive CUV

If you want something futuristic and luxurious at the same time, the Knaus Box drive is your perfect match!

The sleek and modern design of Knaus Box CUV is accompanied by it's the fuel-efficient engine. The Knaus includes a master bedroom perfect for couples, an onboard shower, and soft leather seating.

All of those things yet the price is reasonable. Knaus Boxdrive CUV is a great camper van that is best and suitable to live in!

Oasis Campervan Toyota Sienna 4×4 Van

Along with its partial self-build option, the Oasis Campervan includes space for a full-size double bed and kitchen. If you already own a Toyota Sienna or Grand Caravan then you can customize your vehicle to a campervan. This is relatively easy to do and costs less.

Check out this Oasis Campervan if you're looking into campervans for sale.

Mercedes-Benz Luton Box Van

Mercedes-Benz Luton Box Van is the true definition of comfortable, much like a regular home but a moving one.

The Luton box enables you to load up with supplies due to its large spacious interior. It even holds extra space above the cab of the van alongside its big double bed. Not only that, it has a nice sleek bathroom, with the interior feeling similar to a real house due to its more overhead storage.

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

Another all-time classic! The SportsMobile Classic 4×4 is a warrior van that does well on steep off-road driving. It has a powerful engine and ground clearance of 16.5”. This campervan knows no constraints.

It is also worth mentioning that aside from its high-end quality, it is also highly spacious inside and can fit two or three people. The Sportsmobile Classic is truly suitable for all year round living!

Ram ProMaster

Ram Promaster is one of Mercedes Sprinter’s top competitors in terms of its engine and comfort ability inside the van. The Ram ProMaster has spacious room inside that can fit a full-sized bed across the interior. If you are looking for an entry-level vehicle to drive, the Ram Promaster is a great option due to its front-wheel drive.

Oasis Campervan Toyota Sienna 4×4 Van Conversion

If you currently own an SUV and you want to turn it into an adventure van then this is a great place for you to start.

Alongside its full-size double bed there is decent storage space, a working kitchen, and running water. All of these are great features and save you a lot of money. Oasis Campervans specialize in a variety of conversions, but this is one in particular you should check out.

Citroen WildCamp

If you prefer the retro vibe just like the VW Bus then Citroen WildCamp is another great option.

The looks of this retro van will make you feel like you've traveled back in time to the 70s and 80s. While the outside is retro, the inside will take you back to modern times with a sleek interior.

Not only is it well-designed, but there is ample space. There is space to sleep and relax in, as well as ample area for storage and cooking.

This smooth-running van is reliable and great for long-weekends, long-distance journeys on the freeway, or vacation trips. Did I also mention to you how aesthetic and Instagram-worthy this van is?

Renault Trafic

The Citroen WildCamp and Renault Trafic look very much alike but both have their pros and cons. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the Renault Trafic is a slightly modernized and upgraded version of Citroen and other campervans.

Much like the Citroen, Renault is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to long-trip journeys due to its engine efficacy and durability.

Tourig 4×4 camper van custom build

Although a full conversion of Tourig custom build takes about 12 weeks, this 4×4 camper van is a great investment!

It has a fully equipped shower, an effective lithium battery system, a full kitchen, a specialized fuel-efficient engine, and other personalized external upgrades. Some of these include a roof rack and custom suspension that allows you to stay there comfortably for days.

This is a great place to start when browsing campervans for sale.

Ford E-Series

The Ford E-Series is a 2wd campervan which is especially great if you love stealth camping or hunting. This campervan holds a stereotype for being “manly” as it is typically used by those who work in trades.

The features of the Ford E-Series are ample space for a bed, full kitchen, and load storage. It's perfect for minimalism-minded people who are practical and ambitious.

Off-Grid 4×4 Van

Both a luxurious and nomadic van, the custom build from Outside Vans, Off-Grid 4×4 is suitable both for living and long-distance driving. This provides a safe ride without the fear of over carrying a heavy load.

This option is great because it can be custom-built. If you have the budget for it, this is a great option to be able to tweak to your specific preferences and needs. You can add rooftop tent options, insulation, racks, or even mounts.

This option is great for groups as it has spacious bunk beds that are suitable for multiple travelers.

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